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Building Dreams

Building Dreams is an educational, in school or after school program, to develop social and emotional skills, while also teaching positive character qualities. To earn incentives, each student receives a marker in order to track yardage they gain weekly on the Building Dreams board. Students have the opportunity to gain 5 yards each week, earning an incentive/prize every time they gain 10 yards.


This program sparks reflection within students to help them grow socially and emotionally (SEL). At the same time, it encourages and rewards academics, classroom participation, literacy, communication skills, after school activities and a stronger family/community bond. By integrating all of these things into the classroom setting, the student-teacher bond can be significantly strengthened as well. Building a sense of trust and authenticity between students and teachers can create a better environment for learning. More specifically, SEL helps students improve the following core competencies:

  • Self Management
  • Self Awareness
  • Social Awareness
  • Responsible Decision Making
  • Relationship Skills

In addition to offering an SEL curriculum, the Building Dreams program is aligned with the following Indiana Common Core English Language Arts Grade Six standards:

  • Reading Standards 6.RI.1, 6.RI.3, 6.RL.1
  • Writing Standards 6.W.2, 6.W.4
  • Language Standards 6.L.1, 6.L.2, 6.L.3
  • Speaking and Listening Standard 6.SL.6

Expected Benefits

Overall, we anticipate that Building Dreams enhances students' academic achievement and overall success in school and life. More specifically, we will measure the extent to which this program helps students develop self-management and self-control, reduce conflict among students and help improve teachers' classroom management.

Specific Program Design

Building Dreams is an incentive-based program where students "gain yards" for activities they undertake. Classroom activities focus on understanding a variety of emotions through reading books, reflective activities and sharing these reflections. It is set up as two 13-week programs. Students gain yards through the activities they undertake:

  • Good grades (A's B's on a test) = 3 yards
  • Passable Grade of C = 1 yard
  • Class participation consistently= 2 yards
  • Community service/after school activities = 2 yards
  • Searching for and presenting a book related to the weeks' topic=1 yard
  • Extra credit can be obtained by doing extra chores at home for family, participating in community service, and helping a teacher




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